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Powder Coating:-

Powder Coating with Seven tank process

Multiple colouring booths are utilized for Different colour shades. Latest Equipments and High Quality of Pigments are used by well trained and skilled persons to provide even and stable surface coating. This is Followed by precision heating process to provide perfect bonding of colour. The finished articles are wrapped with plastic sheets to avoid environmental effect and protection from dust.

Our Powder Coated products:-

Zinc Flake Coating:-

Zinc Flake Coating

This is one of the unique coating to provide sparkling effect to the article. Various processes such as cleaning, Shot blasting, spraying/dipping as well as heating are applied for the best result. This coating is extremely successful in giving better look as well as protection from Corrosion and Rusting, particularly valuable articles/products. For more information on Zinc Flake Coating please click on the link below:


Our Zinc Flake Coated Products:-


Globally approved Seven Tank process is being carried out and finally the article is covered with layer. This layer provides smooth finishing on the surface and also protects from Corrosion and Rusting.

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